Kashmir: Peace Making Across the Line of Control


Anwar Akhtar interviews film makers from both sides of Kashmir.

With India and Pakistan in constant conflict over the region of Kashmir, Muhammad Arif Urfi, a renowned reporter from the Pakistan side of Kashmir, and Mohammad Irfan Dar, co-founder of Red Stone Films, share their thoughts on possibilities for a peaceful communal coexistence, as well as the role that British Indian and Pakistani communities could play in supporting such a peace process. They also draw upon personal experiences in filming within conflict zones and the impact it has upon their desire for a peaceful future.

Filmed and produced by students from The Cass Faculty of Art at London Metropolitan University.

Producer: Mo Hoeje Christensen

Associate Producer: Edith P.S Roberts

Production team: students from We Make Film, The Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University with the support of their Tutors Charlotte Worthington and Anita Lewton

Editor: Ryan Simcox,

Camera and Lighting: Jo Butler,

Sound: Anita Gohil

With thanks to Laura Melchiade, Ameya Kilara and Tahir Aziz and the staff at Conciliation Resources Peace Group, who support work of Muhammad Arif Urfi and Mohammad Irfan Dar and helped made this film possible.


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