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RSA Insights: Local identity and the arts


  • Localism
  • Public services
  • Arts and society

How are culture and the arts embedded in local identity? Our one-day 'Felt Local' workshop held at the RSA in July 2015 explored the importance of creative place-based approaches.

The workshop brought together artists, service managers, community participants in arts projects and academics to explore what 'local' means to us now and how arts-based approaches for understanding belonging and identity might shape policy-making.

Do the arts strengthen the sense of the local as a ‘felt’ place and if so, how? How can this work influence policy making at a local level? How can cross service initiatives strengthen a sense of belonging and connectedness?

This event was the second in a series of events intended to build the case for Creative Localism. In undertaking this work, the RSA is grateful for the support of Wiltshire Council, which has been working with volunteers and citizens to co-design local services with local people, reflecting the strengths and aspirations of their communities.