Simon Sinek on Intensity vs Consistency

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Sick of endless ‘re-orgs’, lay-offs and away days? Why do workplaces always go for quick wins and flashy paint jobs over steady, consistent change? Award-winning animator Jocie Juritz brings her trademark wit and creativity to the second animation extracted from Simon Sinek’s acclaimed RSA talk on organisational culture.

Voice: Simon Sinek, Global bestselling author and leadership guru
Animation: Jocie Juritz

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  • Some good yet simple advice here.

  • Can we have both? I find that people can become inspired by a good presentation and an intense experience when they learn new stuff quickly. All good, but it's evaluating and applying the learning (and the experience) that is difficult, and needs commitment.

    In my zone, I see report after report, never being implemented. Let's get inspired by a flashy paint job ... and then get out the pick and spade, hammer and trowel, and start building. 

    In organisations, we have a long history of developing workable systems that achieve something of value with a combination of inspiration ... and perspiration.

  • 2 minutes twice a day. I am going to try that on one of my long term pro-active projects.  I'll let you know how I get on.

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