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Simon Sinek on Millennials

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The millennial, or ‘jilted’ generation make up a quarter of the UK’s population, and yet they are frequently derided as narcissistic, tech-dependent and lazy. But are these epithets fair? They are the first generation to do worse than their parents, and many graduated into a climate of joblessness, extortionate housing costs, and instability.  Bestselling leadership expert Simon Sinek explains how we can help millennials become the confident future custodians our society desperately needs.

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  • Sad that the RSA are spreading such utter tripe. The exact same epithets have been used to described every generation of the last hundred years. Generations themselves are a myth, a mere marketing construction which has no basis in reality. People are people, and always have been, and always will be. We act no differently, and have not different expectations than ever before. People's expectations have always been a bit unreasonable, that's called being human. 

    Here is some proof of everything I have said above. Millennials don't exist. Neither does gen X or Y. It's all complete nonsense, and the sooner we can stop generalising about swathes of our society, we might actually be able to make some progress.

  • Great presentation! I would like to dig deeper into the data. Would you be able to provide some of the references you used to draw your conclusions?