Is Our Attention for Sale? | James Williams


  • Technology

Is the technology we carry in our pockets, that surrounds us every moment of the day, distracting us from pursuing our life goals?

In the latest RSA Short, James Williams warns of the dangers that digital distraction poses to us individually and collectively. If we’re serious about protecting human agency and democracy, he argues, it’s time we started defending our freedom of attention. 

Extracted from a free talk given at the RSA in London, 2017

Speaker: James Williams

Director: Olga Makarchuk

Animation: Olga Makarchuk, Kim Alexander

Colouring Assistance: Anna Makarchuk

Sound: Nico Antwerp

Video Producer: Ross Henbest

Joint Head of Public Events Programme: Mairi Ryan

Intro and outro animation: Cabeza Patata

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