Final Report

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This is the Final Report of the Independent Review of the Police Federation of England and Wales. It follows a progress report that was published in October 2013.

The Review undertook a large-scale consultation exercise involving well in excess of 10,000 members, Police Federation staff and representatives, and stakeholders from across the policing world and beyond. The Independent Review Panel reviewed the full range of evidence in concluding its analysis and making a series of recommendations for reform. The RSA provided the Review secretariat.

A significant programme of change is proposed in the Final Report. This responds to an overwhelming desire for major reform articulated by Police Federation members and many others.

The themes for change that underpin the core reform package are as follows:

  • Trust which requires a new openness and accountability to the membership and the public, and effective two-way communications with members and outside decision-makers.
  • Professionalism which means the best service being offered to members, professional standards and conduct in the way Federation representatives behave towards each other, to politicians and policymakers and to the general public.
  • Unity which means putting aside once and for all the historic divisions between ranks and branches and between branches and Head Office
  • Value for money. The Federation needs to be able to show in a time of austerity that it represents real value to its members and to the public in everything it does. It needs to show that it is willing to find ways of cutting costs and reducing its members’ subscriptions. 

The final report is accompanied by an Overview of Evidence and press statement.

Download the Overview of Evidence (PDF, 210KB)

Download the Police Federation Independent Review - Final report (445KB)