Throughout its history, the RSA has developed many effective and innovative projects that aim to protect the natural environment, from tree planting from the 1750s to 1820s, to experiments in personal carbon trading from 2006 to 2008.

Our current projects that help protect the environment include:

  • RSA Environment Awards; a Fellow-led forum which ensures there is a benchmark for environmental awards that reward real progress towards sustainability.
  • Sustainable Citizenship (part of Citizen Power: Peterborough) which aims to encourage, test and support local people’s ideas that make green behaviour easier in Peterborough.
  • Smarter Cab Drivers (part of Social Brain) which takes a Steer approach to helping taxi drivers adopt more energy-efficient driving behaviour.
  • The Great Recovery Our current linear model of ‘take-make-dispose’ is throwing up major economic and environmental challenges. We need to shift towards more circular systems and good design thinking is pivotal to this transition. The Great Recovery, launched in September 2012, is building new networks to explore the issues, investigate innovation gaps and incubate new partnerships.