Our Partners - RSA

Our hospitality and catering partners


Picture of Ciaran Hogg
Ciaran Hogg
Operations Director

Picture of Sam Deeprose
Sam Deeprose
General Manager

Picture of Bridgette Gayle
Bridgette Gayle
Hospitality Supervisor

Picture of Duncan Greenway
Duncan Greenway
Audio Visual and Sales Manager

Picture of Hedwig Fernandes
Hedwig Fernandes
Food and Beverage Administrator

Picture of Nora Rouissi
Nora Rouissi
Deputy General Manager

Picture of Lewis More
Lewis More
Operations Manager

Picture of Renata Baziulyte
Renata Baziulyte
Hospitality Manager

Front of House

Picture of Abigail Creaven
Abigail Creaven

Picture of Ahmed Shaal
Ahmed Shaal
Front of House Assistant/Research Assistant

Picture of Aline Schmidt
Aline Schmidt
Reception Manager (family leave)

Picture of Barbara Lemon

Picture of Carlos Morales Velazquez
Carlos Morales Velazquez
Reception Team Leader

Picture of Hassan Saadi
Front of House Assistant

Picture of Nicholas Batten
Front of House Assistant

Coffee House and Kitchen

Picture of Chun-Chieh Lin
Chun-Chieh Lin

Picture of Darren Archer
Darren Archer
Executive Chef

Picture of Dimitrios Kotalakidis
Dimitrios Kotalakidis
Sous Chef

Picture of Jane Morgan
Jane Morgan

Picture of Susie Thornhill
Susie Thornhill
Coffee House Manager

Picture of Suzie Pennington
Suzie Pennington
Lead Café Chef


Picture of Chiara Cavallaro Senior
Chiara Cavallaro Senior
Senior Sales and Marketing Executive

Picture of Jessica Hyett
Commercial Programmes Managers & Coffee House Guest Relations

Picture of Laura Pearce
Laura Pearce
Head of Sales & Marketing

Picture of Michael Chapman
Michael Chapman
Senior Event Sales and Marketing Executive

Picture of Pratima Upadhyaya
Pratima Upadhyaya
Sales Coordinator

Picture of Sophie Ayling
Sophie Ayling
Sales and Marketing Executive

RSA House

RSA House in London is a great place to work, meet other Fellows and enjoy coffee and light refreshments.