Our Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC) partners

Picture of Alice Kent
Alice Kent
Head of Communications

Picture of Anna Zabow
Anna Zabow
Head of Communications

Picture of Bernard Hay
Bernard Hay
Head of Policy

Picture of Billy Beckett
Billy Beckett
Policy and Communications Manager

Picture of Duncan Todd
Duncan Todd
Finance and Administration Manager

Picture of Giorgio Fazio
Giorgio Fazio
Director of Research

Picture of Hasan Bakhshi
Hasan Bakhshi
Centre Director

Picture of Lilli Geissendorfer
Lilli Geissendorfer
Deputy Director

Picture of Makena Guantai Day
Makena Guantai Day
Executive Assistant to Director of PEC

Picture of Nikolas Gunn
Nikolas Gunn
Policy Advisor

Picture of Simon Budgen
Simon Budgen
Head of Operations

Picture of Tom Cahill-Jones
Tom Cahill-Jones
Partnerships Manager