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Cities of Learning in the UK prospectus

Cities of Learning is a new approach for activating a grassroots, city-based, mass-engagement movement around learning and skills. Our prospectus explore how we make this a reality in the UK.

Chicago City of Learning

The first effort of its kind to take place in a major city in the United States, Chicago City of Learning is a groundbreaking initiative that joins together learning opportunities for young people in a way that allows them to think about, pursue, and develop their interests.

The New Digital Learning Age

In the first of the Power to Create series reports, Anthony Painter and Louise Bamfield argue that major institutional change to work and learning is needed to promote ‘inclusive social mobility'

Digital Me

DigitalMe is re-imagining learning for the 21st Century and equipping young people with the skills and competencies they need to thrive in work and life

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City of Learning Summit


Tuesday 22nd March 2016

The RSA, London

The purpose of this Summit is to explore a highly innovative and successful US learning initiative, the City of Learning which has already become rooted in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and Dallas with more US cities ...

Project Team

Anthony Painter

Anthony Painter

Director of the Action and Research Centre


Rosie Clayton

Rosie Clayton

RSA Associate


Olivia Finn

Olivia Finn

Business Development and Partnerships Coordinator


Elena Firebrace

Elena Firebrace

Programme Coordinator