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The RSA is calling for:

  • At least 3 national citizens’ assemblies each year on key issues of contemporary concern
  • The development of a ‘what works centre’ for deliberative democracy

To achieve these goals, we will need to build a strong coalition which pushes deliberative democracy up the public policy agenda in the UK.

The RSA has teamed up with Involve - the UK's leading public participation charity – to start this work and together we are building a broad-based campaign for deliberative democracy in the UK.

Workshop Notes

Read the notes from our

Please sign up if you agree with the following statements and would like to stay involved and receive updates about the project:

  • Democracy is in peril and at risk of further erosion by the forces of elitism and populism.
  • Robust forms of deliberative democracy present a dynamic opportunity for change which can strengthen representative democracy.
  • I will actively encourage politicians and national and local governments to commission deliberative decision-making as a way of enhancing their work.



Project Team

Ed Cox

Ed Cox

Director of Public Services and Communities


Riley Thorold

Riley Thorold

Assistant Researcher, Public Services and Communities