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RSA Projects

Our research projects are about enabling people, places and the planet to flourish.

From education to healthcare, heritage to economic security we work on a range of issues where we can bring people and ideas together to create impact.

2020s crises and change

How do communities respond to crisis to shape their long-term future?

Collective defined contribution pensions forum

Supporting the implementation and regulation of CDC schemes.

Community banking

Supporting the creation of local banks across the UK.

Deliberative democracy

Renewing democracy by listening to people again.

Economic security observatory

Identifying where gaps in support – from the state, communities or employers – contribute to this rising tide of insecurity.

Economies for healthier lives

Supporting areas seeking to embed health outcomes in all economic development activity.

Futures thinking and strategic foresight

Exploring how using strategic foresight can help us make better policy.

Global innovations in good work

We're working together with the Autodesk Foundation to deepen and scale the impact of global innovations in good work.


Exploring what heritage means to local people and how it can improve lives.

Learning about culture

One of the largest ever studies in the UK on the value of arts education.

Leeds fashion futures

Could Leeds shape the future of fashion to be circular, where clothes are used more and made from safe and renewable resources?

Make fashion circular

Linear is out of fashion. Let’s design a circular future for our clothing.

One powerhouse

Reducing regional inequality in the UK.

Pinball kids

Exploring why school exclusions are increasing and how we can support students.

Preventing school exclusions

How do we make local education systems more inclusive and reduce preventable exclusions?

Primary youth social action

Can we extend the positive impact of volunteering to primary schools?

Rough guide to being a public entrepreneur in practice

Exploring new ways of addressing the challenges NHS Lothian’s staff face in their work.

Self-managing care teams

Social care isn't working. It's time to trust care workers.

The third benefit

We believe teachers’ motivations and experiences of high-quality youth social action represent an underexplored ‘third benefit’.

Transforming lifelong learning

We're testing an innovative approach to lifelong learning, via a digital careers and employability coaching platform.

Universal basic income

How we can help people take control of their own lives.

Young people's future health and economic security

Exploring how money worries impact health.

Archived projects

Explore our past and completed projects.

Our Approach to Change

Change can be hard. This is how we make it happen.