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Make Fashion Circular

Linear is out of fashion. Let’s design a circular future for our clothing. 

We love fashion. But our wardrobes are fueling waste, pollution and exploitation.

One truck-full of clothing is burned or landfilled every second, every time we wash our clothes microfibres are released into the water, and poor pay and conditions are rife amongst the garment sector. It’s time for a change of clothes. 

By designing with circular economy principles, we can create clothing which lasts longer, can be more easily repaired, reused and finally recycled. We can create fabrics which improve soil quality rather than pollute it, and we can create good work for people around the world.  

To help bring this new future to life the RSA is partnered with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on their Make Fashion Circular Initiative. Together we helped support the next generation of creative talent to learn about the circular economy, to apply their skills to the challenge and to work together to make it happen. 

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