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Pinball Kids

The system is failing the children who need it most. 

School exclusions - students being supsended or expelled - are increasing. 

This isn't just an alarming statistic. It's a social justice issue. Excluded children are more likely to be in care, have grown up in poverty, or have special educational needs. 

We believe it is possible to reduce school exclusions. The Pinball Kids project looks at why exclusions are increasing and how we can support the young people who need our help. 

Preventing School Exclusions

What’s causing the rise in school exclusions and how to fix it. Our research explains the factors creating a ‘perfect storm’ in the system and how creating stronger relationships is at the heart of the solution.

The teachers' perspective

We asked over 1,500 teachers across the country about school exclusions. They told us they need more help from other professionals to prevent them.

Pressure of exam results

Our research found a spike in pupils being admitted to schools for excluded pupils just before the cut-off point where their exam results count towards a school's performance.

Support Pinball Kids

We are looking for partners to achieve the greatest impact in supporting children to thrive in education.

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