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Economic Security Observatory

Life in contemporary Britain is increasingly blighted by the threat of economic insecurity.

Over the last two decades, in-work poverty has risen steadily. Wages have flatlined and more workers find it difficult to escape prolonged period of low pay. Our 2019 research found that 30 percent of all workers do not feel they earn enough to maintain a decent standard of living.

What we're doing

We're identifying where gaps in support – from the state, communities or employers – contribute to this rising tide of insecurity.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we will be focusing primarily on the economic security of Britain’s key workers – the workers who kept Britain going during lockdown, saving both lives and livelihoods. As we look to build a better future beyond the pandemic it is vital that those who most helped us get through it are properly supported to enjoy secure and fulfilling lives – at work and beyond.

Share your experience

We're particularly keen to listen and learn from the experience of key workers during the pandemic. Share your story.

Key workers in the pandemic

Tackling economic insecurity in key workers should be an urgent public policy priority. This report puts forward a comprehensive plan to ensure key workers are properly supported to enjoy secure, healthy, fulfilling lives.

Key workers in the capital: one year in London

Our findings show key workers need support to allow them to live comfortably among the communities they serve. 

All clapped out?

Key workers have kept the country going during the pandemic, but some are facing the worst of the economic turmoil created by it.

Frontline fatigue

Our survey finds key workers feel stressed and at burn-out point. We need a ‘new deal’ to reward and support those who provide critical frontline services.

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