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RSA Future Change Framework

How can we use the recovery from Covid-19 to create real, lasting change?

We have seen dramatic change during the pandemic. But the status quo is often resistant to meaningful transformations.

The RSA future change framework is a way to think about how we have responded to Covid-19 and how that can drive positive change.

Using the framework helps you to think through what you've stopped, what you’ve paused, what you’ve put in place temporarily, and how you’ve innovated.

Focusing on these areas will help you discover the most important actions to take into the future for your organisation, local community, team, or network.

How to create real, lasting change

Exploring the 4 types of response to Covid-19

Using the Framework

Why does the status quo prevail despite our best efforts at change? This blog explores thinking and methods to fight the anti-risk instinct.

RSA Future Change Framework Toolkit

The toolkit is a step-by-step guide for hosting a conversation using the RSA future change framework. It includes printable templates and links to online resources to guide your conversation, and help you produce new insight and lasting change.

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RSA-run workshops for your team

The events of the Covid-19 crisis have increased the belief that a key objective for any business should be that it makes a positive contribution to the community and society within which it operates.

The RSA future change framework enables organisations to conduct a review of their business and actions during the period of Covid-19 to ensure that 'societal impact' is embedded in strategy and thereby to ensure it is sustainable.

Businesses which put social impact and purpose at the heart of their organisation perform more strongly, with higher employee retention, greater profitability and a better reputation with key audiences, than organisations who do not.

If you are interested in how the RSA future change framework can help transform your organisation, please contact us to discuss an RSA-facilitated workshop.

Our approach to change

Social change is in our DNA. Our Living Change Approach is about understanding how to make it happen.

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