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Design for Life

Design for Life Our mission

Economic, social and environmental crises have placed our world in a fragile, unbalanced and degenerative state.

Our mission is to enable people, places and the planet to flourish in harmony.

Our vision is for a world where everyone can fulfil their potential and contribute to more resilient, rebalanced and regenerative futures.

How are we achieving this?

We believe everyone has the potential and creativity to effect change.

We work with people throughout their lives, and across society, to achieve regenerative impact; from children and young people to entrepreneurs, businesses and communities.

Our approach to change involves many different disciplines and perspectives.

Our work focuses on three areas. These are:

Building capabilities

Change starts with supporting people to learn and lead. At the heart of Design for Life is the commitment to build the skills, connections and confidence people need to fulfil their potential.

Growing hubs

People effect change by coming together. Design for Life grows the connections that organisations, communities, industries and regions need in order to flourish.

Developing infrastructure

We are aiming for systemic, long-term change. Design for Life develops and influences the conditions needed to enable people, communities and organisations to regenerate our world.

Discover more about our Design for Life mission by reading this blog series

Why us?

We are unique. We don’t just generate ideas; we act on them. The RSA has been turning world-leading ideas into world-changing actions since 1754. Our research and innovation has changed the hearts and minds of generations of people. Central to all our work are our mission-aligned Fellows; a global network of innovators and changemakers.

Explore our Circle community to engage with our work.

Engage with our Design for Life mission

Are you a Fellow? Be part of our Circle community and help us shape a world where everyone can fulfil their potential and contribute to more resilient, rebalanced, and regenerative futures.

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RSA Fellowship

The RSA Fellowship is a global network of changemakers enabling people, places and the planet to flourish in harmony. RSA Fellows have been at the forefront of significant social impact since 1754. We invite you to be part of this change.

Watch a Design for Life event

  • RSA Fellowship Townhall

    Fellowship events


    CEO Andy Haldane will be answering a few questions from Fellows, we will be discussing a wide range of issues, and providing updates on our Capabilities for Life intervention.

  • Design for Life: Creative Corridors

    Fellowship events / Design for Life series

    The Coffee House (RSA House) and Online via Zoom

    Join us for a look at the research and themes that are emerging from our partnership with Arts Council England and the Creative PEC, exploring Creative Corridors - where existing creative clusters have the potential to thrive through better collaboration and coordination.

  • Design for Life: nurturing life-centric capabilities

    At the House / Fellowship events / Design for Life series

    The Coffee House (RSA House) and Online via Zoom

    This summer, the RSA will work with Fellows to craft a series of life-centric learning journeys rooted in our capabilities to test on the RSA’s Design for Life Awards. Jahnvi Singh (Senior Learning Designer) will share more about our vision for the learning experiences that will bring these capabilities to life.

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  • Benjamin Franklin Medal

    The Benjamin Franklin Medal is one of the RSA’s highest honours awarded to contemporary individuals whose work reflects the values of inquiry, civic empowerment, and a desire to improve society.

  • Student Design Awards 2024: meet the shortlist


    Aoife O'Doherty

    The RSA Student Design Awards 2023 shortlist has been announced. Across nine briefs, 70 students are working to bring positive social change to people, place and planet.

  • From the era of anxiety to an age of aspiration


    Andy Haldane

    Shifting to an age of aspiration requires an environment where risk is seen as an opportunity, the culture is one of optimism, and investment is everywhere. Andy Haldane, RSA CEO, suggests our Design for Life mission can turn the tide of opinion to achieve those objectives.

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