The Universe Within

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RSA House, London

  • Science

Pioneering palaeontologist Neil Shubin reveals the deep connections between the cosmos and the human body – from today right back to the Big Bang.

RSA Thursday

Professor Neil Shubin, one of the world’s most distinguished palaeontologists, visits the RSA to reveal the extraordinary evolutionary and cosmic adventure of the human body.

Against the epic backdrop of billions of years of evolution from the Big Bang, humanity's place in the cosmos can look tiny and insignificant. But, as Professor Shubin reveals, the one place where universe, solar system and planet merge is inside our own bodies.

Join Neil Shubin at the RSA to discover how in every one of us lies the most profound story of all - how we and our world came to be.

Speaker: Neil Shubin, Robert R. Bensley Professor of Anatomy at the University of Chicago and author.

Chair: Matthew Taylor, chief executive, RSA

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