What Has Nature Ever Done For Us? - RSA

What Has Nature Ever Done For Us?

Public talks


RSA House, London

  • Economics and Finance
  • Climate change

Leading environmentalist and sustainability adviser Tony Juniper argues that we must put a price on nature if we are to save it


RSA Thursday

Money doesn’t really grow on trees… or does it..?

In fact, the “natural services” that Nature provides us can be calculated in economic terms at around double that of global GDP.

Leading sustainability and environment adviser Tony Juniper visits the RSA to argue that we take these natural services for granted at our peril. We need to recognise that they are not free, nor limitless. It is only by re-asserting the tangible financial benefits of Nature, re-linking ecology and economics, that we will secure a sustainable future for humanity and the planet.

Speaker: Tony Juniper, campaigner, writer, sustainability adviser and environmentalist.

Chair: Jo Confino, executive editor, the Guardian and chairman and editorial director of Guardian Sustainable Business.

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