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Liberty and Security – for all or the (privileged) few?

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RSA House, London

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Distinguished human rights lawyer, barrister and academic, Professor Conor Gearty argues that a new vision of universal freedom is urgently required.

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All aspire to liberty and security in their lives, but few people truly enjoy them.

In his latest book Liberty and Security, Conor Gearty identifies our world as a 'neodemocratic' one, where the proclamation of universal liberty and security is routinely mocked by facts on the ground: the vast inequalities in supposedly free societies, the authoritarian regimes with regular elections, and the terrible socio-economic deprivation camouflaged by cynically proclaimed commitments to human rights.

At the RSA, Conor Gearty offers an explanation of how this has come about, providing also a criticism of the present age which tolerates it. He then goes on to set out a manifesto for a better future, a place where liberty and security can be rich platforms for everyone's life. Gearty identifies neo-democracies as those places which play at democracy so as to disguise the injustice at their core. But it is not just the new 'democracies' that have turned 'neo'; the so-called established democracies are also hurtling in the same direction, as is the United Nations.

A new vision of universal freedom is urgently required. Drawing on scholarship in law, human rights and political science, Conor Gearty argues for just such a vision, one in which the great achievements of our democratic past are not jettisoned as easily as were the socialist ideals of the original democracy-makers.

Speaker: Conor Gearty, Professor of Human Rights Law at the London School of Economics and founder member, Matrix Chambers.

Chair: David Aaronovitch is a writer, broadcaster and commentator on international politics and the media.


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