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Feeding Frenzy

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RSA House, London

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Sustainability expert Paul McMahon considers price spikes, market manipulation, land grabs and the race to control food supplies, and asks - can we feed a world of nine billion… and at what cost?

RSA Thursday

Can we feed a population that will grow to nine billion by 2050? Are we running out of land and water? Can we rely on free markets to provide? And is the current turmoil an early sign that the global food system will not cope?

Join sustainability author and adviser Paul McMahon at the RSA as he explains how the global food system works today, and uncovers the huge inequalities and imbalances that pervade it.

As the media continues to tell a story of coming world food crisis, is the trend inevitably towards exploitation, hunger and conflict? Or is there an alternative path - one that leads to a fairer, more sustainable food system for all?

Speaker: Paul McMahon, advisor to The Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit, co-founder, SLM Partners and author

Chair: Dr David McNair, head of growth, equity and livelihoods, Save the Children

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