From the digital divide to inclusive innovation: the case of digital money

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RSA House, London

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To mark the launch of a new RSA pamphlet, we bring together an expert panel to discuss the growing use of digital money and how the technology is helping to democratise financial services worldwide.


The history of economic development has been characterised by periods of massive transformation brought about by technological innovation. As well as creating new industries, technology transforms the ways we live and work. Digital money is a profoundly transformative technology – it moves economic transactions from the physical into the digital world, democratising financial services on a global scale.

This event marks the publication of a RSA pamphlet: From the digital divide to inclusive innovation: the case of digital money. Our expert panel will discuss the growing use of digital money and offer broad prescriptions for government policies, business models and public-private partnerships around the technology that will help to bring the previously excluded into the economic mainstream.

Presenters include the authors of the pamphlet and a senior representative from Citigroup:

Professor Mark Dodgson, director of the Technology and Innovation Management Centre, University of Queensland Business School
Dr Irving Wladawsky-Berger, adjunct professor at Imperial College London, visiting lecturer at MIT and Strategic Advisor, Citigroup
Professor Gerry George, deputy dean, Imperial College Business School and Head, Rajiv Ghandi Centre, Imperial College London
Tomasz Smilowicz, global head of Mobile Banking, Citigroup
Chair: Professor David Gann CBE, vice-president (Development and Innovation), Imperial College London


Hear about India's digital identity scheme on BBC Radio 4


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