Tax, trade and transparency: the G8 agenda

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RSA House, London

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A distinguished panel, including economist Paul Collier, Andrew Mitchell MP and Andrew Sentance CBE share key insights and analysis on the G8 agenda, focusing on the Prime Minister’s ‘Three T’s’ of tax, trade and transparency.


An expert panel will meet just days after the G8 Head of State Summit to discuss the significance of the Summit's agenda and address whether it is possible to align social, corporate and government interests on tax policy.
Professor Paul Collier CBE, one of the architects of the Government’s tax agenda and former Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell MP, share key insights and analysis, focusing on the Prime Minister’s ‘Three T’s’ of tax, trade and transparency.

Speakers: Professor Paul Collier, CBE, Professor of Economics and Public Policy and Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies, Oxford University; principal advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron on tax policy; Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, elected MP for Sutton Coldfield in 2001; Cabinet Secretary of State for International Development 2010 - 2012; Government Chief Whip September - October 2012; Andrew Sentance CBE, Senior Economic Advisor, PwC and UK business economist. 

Chair: Matthew Taylor, RSA Chief Executive

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