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Join us for the UK premiere of The Cola Road documentary, which follows the first trial of the innovative ColaLife programme, delivering live-saving medicines to remote communities through micro-retailers in Zambia.


For years, a mystery has baffled visitors to developing countries: Coca-Cola is everywhere, but basic medicines are not. This year, Zambia has become the first African country to embrace a trial of the ColaLife concept.
Developed by an innovative team of social entrepreneurs and local cross-sector partners, ColaLife aims to use Coca-Cola’s distribution model to deliver life-saving medicines to far-flung, rural communities. In this special screening of Claire Ward’s documentary The Cola Road, we follow ColaLife on the road as they attempt to launch the system for the first time.

Followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker and members of the ColaLife team, chaired by Peter Day, the BBC’s global business correspondent.
Panel: Jane Berry, co-founder, ColaLife and business research and development, ColaLife Trial in Zambia; Simon Berry, co-founder and CEO, ColaLife and project manager, ColaLife Trial in Zambia; and Albert Saka, project manager, Keepers Zambia Foundatio

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