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How to Become a Soulful Organisation

Public talks


RSA House, London

  • Employment
  • Behaviour change
  • Health & wellbeing

The way we manage organisations seems increasingly out of date. Survey after survey shows that the vast majority of employees are disengaged at work, while organisational leaders complain that their organisations are too slow, siloed and bureaucratic for today's world.

Could it be that we've reached the limits of our current model, and that a whole new model might be needed? Frederic Laloux visits the RSA to discuss the historical evolution of management thinking, and share how extraordinary pioneering organisations in very different sectors (from profits and nonprofits, to schools and hospitals) are already operating from the next stage of management. Influenced by a new form of consciousness that is currently emerging, these organisations offer a glimpse of an inspiring future of truly soulful, purposeful and powerful workplaces.

Frederic's research and his book Reinventing Organizations have received extraordinary acclaim from academics, coaches, consultants, business leaders and employees. These ideas are prompting many organisations to contemplate a fundamental change to their organisational structures, processes and cultures.

Speaker: Frederic Laloux, adviser, coach and facilitator

Chair: Matthew Taylor,