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How to Innovate… and Survive

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RSA House, London

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Every business needs to innovate – to introduce something transformative, be it a new product, service, device, technology or experience.  

Yet many innovation drives produce ideas and visions that dazzle and amaze, but can only work, profitably, in some remote imaginary world.

What’s the secret to creating innovative products and services that have a viable chance at real-world impact, and will not just survive but thrive on the challenging journey to market?

To find out, join Mark Payne, co-founder and president of the globally renowned innovation consultancy Fahrenheit 212, and author of How to Kill a Unicorn (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2015)

Speaker: Mark Payne, co-founder and president, Fahrenheit 212

Chair: Oliver Reichardt, director of fellowship, RSA

Venue: RSA Durham Street Auditorium

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