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The Dementia Timebomb

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RSA House, London

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Last year David Cameron called dementia one of the ‘greatest enemies to humanity’.

It costs the global economy £350 billion a year, and across the world 44.4 million people worldwide are living with the condition. Experts predict that the number of UK dementia sufferers will more than double to two million by 2050, and our societal and economic landscape is swiftly changing as family members struggle to care for ageing relatives.

There is no cure, and the symptoms, from memory loss to hallucinations, can be disturbing for everyone involved. With shocking stories in the news about care homes and public services under pressure, for many people the prospect of Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia is terrifying. Some problems in dementia can be delayed or avoided altogether. The biggest challenge for everyone is finding out how to live as well as possible when dementia strikes.

Professor June Andrews, Director of Dementia Services at Stirling University, visits the RSA to discuss the profound changes dementia is having on our society and communities, and how we can best address this personal and collective challenge at all levels.

Speaker: Professor June Andrews, director of Dementia Services at Stirling University

Chair: Rowan Conway, director of RSA Connected Communities

Venue: RSA Great Room Auditorium