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Creating Effective Outcomes For All

Public talks


RSA House, London

How effective are our ways of…trying to be more effective?

The question of how we make effective, lasting change  - whether it be youth unemployment, NHS reform, or school improvement - is becoming ever more urgent and complex.  This question concerns us all: from central government policy makers, to business leaders, to workers on the front line.  In the context of austerity, the increasing availability of data, and changing public needs and demands, the issue should be at the forefront of all of our minds. 

The RSA and Pearson have both recently refreshed the way they think about why and how effective change happens. Pearson is reorganising its entire business to focus on delivering meaningful, measurable learner outcomes. This 'efficacy' approach ensures that every product can be judged by the learner outcomes it helps to achieve. For its part, the RSA is concerned with the ‘Power to Create’: in short, our ability to turn our ideas into reality.  

RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor, and Sir Michael Barber, Chief Education Advisor at Pearson and former Head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, will reflect on their time together in Government, discuss the findings of a new joint research project, and look ahead to challenges the next Government will face.

Venue: Great Room Auditorium

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