Towards An Economy That Works For Us - RSA

Towards An Economy That Works For Us

Public talks


Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House

  • Economics and Finance
  • Social innovation
  • Social justice
  • Social mobility

An essential critique for our times; an examination of the institutions that rule our lives and a glimpse of the better, freer world we could begin to imagine for ourselves.

David Graeber is an anthropologist, a leading figure in the Occupy movement, and one of our most original and influential public thinkers.

He comes to the RSA to address our current age of ‘total bureaucratization’, in which public and private power has gradually fused into a single entity, rife with rules and regulations, whose ultimate purpose is the extraction of wealth in the form of profits. 

David will consider what it would take, in terms of intellectual clarity, political will and imaginative power – to conceive and build a flourishing and fair future economy, which would maximise the scope for individual and collective creativity, and would be sustainable and just.