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Is There Still Hope on Climate?

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Great Room Auditorium, RSA House

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In December the nations of the world will gather in Paris to attempt to forge a historic, multilateral climate treaty. Most experts agree that this is our last chance to limit global warming to the all-important 2°C. But given our troubled international negotiations up to this point, do we even have a chance of succeeding? 

We are delighted to announce this exclusive event with renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough and explorer and conservationist Tim Flannery – the final instalment in our ground-breaking climate change series. Previous events in the series included a comedy showcase; a poetry night (check out the anthology of original poems); a youth summit; a Question Time panel, and now in the run-up to the Paris talks: an exclusive conversation between our two leading champions of the natural world.

How close is the great climate crisis? Can our desire to overcome it drive humanity's next great waves of positive technological, economic, and social revolution? Or will we be plunged into the dystopian collapses and terrors of civilisations past?

The RSA's report on the seven dimensions of climate change discusses the various causes and ramifications of our collective inertia. Intellectually we 'get it', and yet we still cannot close the yawning gulf between our knowledge and our day-to-day behaviour. In trying to close that chasm between cognition and action, we need a different sort of provocation. We need something to electrify us, move us, spur us on, trip us up.


This event is part of an RSA and COIN initiative supported by The Climate Change Collaboration. The seven dimensions of climate change project seeks to turn a scientific fact into a social fact by clarifying what it really means to ‘act’ through the complementary and competing perspectives of Science, Behaviour, Technology, Culture, Law, Economy and Democracy.


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