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The Case for a Universal Basic Income

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Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House

  • Economics and Finance

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In the last year, discussion about the possibility and desirability of a basic income - a weekly payment for every citizen - has become more audible.


From Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to Mayors in Canada and the Netherlands to campaigners in Switzerland and leading thinkers such as Thomas Piketty, winner of the FT book of the year Martin Ford, and anti-poverty sage Tony Atkinson, the idea has been gathering interest. 

In recent days, news that the Finnish government is committing to one of the boldest universal income experiments thus far, has generated an intense fresh round of commentary and debate.

The RSA has been undertaking research into the idea for the past year and at this event Anthony Painter, the RSA’s Director of Policy and Strategy, will present our latest thinking. 

Is it feasible? Should we do it? Join the debate. 

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