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Changing the Change-makers

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Great Room, RSA House

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In the last ten years charities have been stretched like never before, stepping up at home and abroad to make a real difference. At the same time they are increasingly scrutinised - we’ve seen the financial crisis in banking, the expenses scandal in politics and the hacking trials in the media. Now is it the turn of charities to come under scrutiny from a media and public no longer giving institutions the benefit of the doubt?

Justin Forsyth, the Chief Executive of Save the Children, will offer five key lessons about how charities need to change in order to have even more impact in a time of complexity, change and cynicism. Building on his previous background in Number 10, in Oxfam and working with the African National Congress, Justin will talk about whether we should be more interested in building organisations which can direct people, or building movements which can inspire them. Covering lessons in partnership, mobilisation, leading people and having political influence, Justin will contrast ‘old charity’ with ‘new change-making’, arguing that only organisations which are prepared to change radically can expect to win radical change.


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