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Great Room Auditorium, RSA House

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The world is changing fast and public education needs to change with it.

But debates about innovation in education can reinforce existing divides – between ‘progressives’ and ‘traditionalists’, between the converted and the sceptical, between the confident and the constrained.

How do we break through these divides and craft a unifying challenge to both teachers and systems to grasp how public education must change to enable learners and institutions to thrive in the new conditions which confront them?

And then how would we go about creating a movement, supported by new systems, platforms and relationships, that would promote radical innovation at all levels, with teachers front and centre but also engaging with a broader range of partners within and beyond schools?

As part of the WISE Research series, a recent pillar of the WISE Initiative, the RSA and the Innovation Unit have produced a new report which sketches out a road-map to facilitate system-level change in education, and introduces a new set of ideas around the creative public leadership required to inspire, drive and achieve such change.

At this launch event, co-hosted by the RSA and WISE, Joe Hallgarten and Valerie Hannon will present the report and will be joined by an expert panel to share thoughts on innovation in education and the need for relevant research to turn ideas into action.


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