On Living in Dishonest Times

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Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House

  • Arts and society
  • Philosophy
  • Social justice


“Mark Greif is the best essayist of my generation…when you read 'Against Everything', you will vow to change your life.” Adam Thirlwell

Co-founder of n+1 magazine and one of the most highly acclaimed essayists in the US today, Mark Greif is one of the most exciting writers of his generation. His essays examine the vicissitudes of everyday life under twenty-first-century capitalism, and he repeatedly challenges us to rethink the world and demand something better. What is the right way to be and act given the many local and global challenges we face –is it possible to stay honest in dishonest times? Counter-intuitive and revelatory in his insights, Greif forces us to confront the excuses we make to console ourselves about our impact on the world.

He visits the RSA to explore the philosophical and political arguments laid out in his essay ‘The Meaning of Life, Part II’, which touches on thoughts on a universal citizen’s income, poverty, property and ‘morally relevant inequality’. 


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