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Economics for Everyone: What Needs to Change?

Public talks


Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House

  • Economics and Finance
  • Accessibility & inclusion
  • Community engagement


The vote to leave the EU exposed the poor quality of public debate about complex issues in the UK, and demonstrated the need for a complete rethink of the way we communicate about and engage citizens in economics. The outcome of the referendum also presented us with a series of questions:

  • Is there a case for engaging citizens early on and upstream about economic policy, and if so, what is this?
  • In creating a better and more accessible conversation about the economy for everyone, what needs to change?
  • How can opinion formers and decision-makers more meaningfully engage people about economic goals, about who the economy should serve, and the moral and political assumptions made when economic decisions are taken?

Join us as we bring together representatives from civil society, thinktanks, and the media in a panel discussion to explore how we can improve the quality of public discussion about the economy – and, in doing so, change economics itself for the better.

The Citizens' Economic Council is a programme which will give citizens a say on national economic policy, and influence the future of the UK economy. For more information do visit the CEC webpage.

Watch our RSA Animate 'Economics is for Everyone!' with Ha-Joon Chang


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