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The Innovation Illusion

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Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House

  • Economics and Finance
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  • Social innovation


Is it still possible to be truly innovative, or has the innovation boom had its day?

At a time of low growth and increasing income inequality, innovation-led growth is more necessary than ever. But, just as it needs it most, has capitalism lost its ability to adapt, experiment and invent?

Director of the European Centre for International Political Economy Fredrik Erixon and innovation strategist Bjorn Weigel argue that declining economic dynamism in Western economies, growing corporate reluctance to contest markets and excessive regulation are limiting our ability to innovate.

At the RSA, Erixon and Weigel will argue that companies and policy makers are actually hindering innovation, and through research and case studies, including Uber and Apple, will reveal both the obstacles to our future prosperity and a possible roadmap to reversing this trend.


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