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How to Achieve More (By Doing Less)

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Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House

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What is the true cost of ‘emotional labour’?

"There are two ways that a system of power stays in power. The first is obvious - unequal laws, unequal opportunity, very unequal money, and violence or the threat of violence - the second is more internal and difficult to uproot. Tiffany Dufu's work is crucial because it takes on that deeper system.’ Gloria Steinem 

Even though women are half the workforce, they still represent only eighteen per cent of the highest level leaders. The reasons are obvious: just as women reach middle management they are also starting families. Mounting responsibilities at work and home leave them with no bandwidth to do what will most lead to their success.

Chief Leadership Officer of Levo and one of Fast Company’s League of Extraordinary Women Tiffany Dufu has been hailed as the heir apparent to Sheryl Sandberg. Offering new perspective on why the women’s leadership movement has stalled, Dufu urges women to embrace imperfection, to expect less of themselves and more from others. Only then can they focus on what they truly care about, devote the necessary energy to achieving their real goals, and create the type of rich, rewarding life we all desire.


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