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Good Work for All

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Great Room Auditorium, RSA House

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The world of work is changing fast.

Globalization, de-industrialisation, automation - all have had a disruptive effect on traditional jobs and working practices in the UK in recent decades.

With this disruption comes opportunity, no doubt, but also insecurity and anxiety. The Brexit ‘leave’ vote was particularly high in areas of poverty, low skills and lack of opportunity, and many interpreted this as a signal of anger and frustration from those ‘left behind’ by the modern work economy.

What would it look like, and what might we achieve, if the UK, as a country, truly cared about and committed to quality work for every citizen?

Can government, businesses large and small, employers, employees, individuals and communities come together to create an economy that offers people the opportunity of work that is decent, fair and fulfilling?

Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the RSA and Chair of the Government’s Review into Modern Employment Practices, proposes a new national goal of good work for all.


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