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Has the UK Reached Peak Inequality?

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Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House

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‘In early 2018, Britain reached a peak of income inequality.  The last peak was in 1913, and so much goes so wrong when inequality peaks.’ Danny Dorling

One of the UK’s foremost academics and writers on inequality, Danny Dorling argues that the rich, like viruses, have developed resistance to redistributive taxes. They have used their wealth and power to lower tax rates and change the law. Partly to protect their offshore tax havens, they funded the vote for Britain to leave the European Union. But they also sowed the seeds of rebellion through their greed and their success.

The chasm between rich and poor has had dire implications for our health, housing, education, demography, and politics. Today more than 99% are losing out. So how do we become more equal this time? And without a full-blown civil war?


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