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Being Ecological

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Great Room Auditorium, RSA House

  • Creative Institutions and Systems
  • Behaviour change
  • Arts and society
  • Environment
  • Philosophy

How should we act in the face of all that we know about global warming? What measure of individual responsibility should we assume? Should we feel guilt? Or can we face up to our age of mass extinction, and live joyfully? What does authentic ethical and political engagement with our ecological condition look like?

Timothy Morton, named one of the world's most influential living philosophers, and a cross-disciplinarian who has collaborated with Bj√∂rk, Pharrell Williams and Hans Ulrich Obrist, is at the forefront of a group of thinkers offering new insights into ecological awareness and the human experience in the Age of the Anthropocene. 

In his new work, Morton confronts the information-dump fatigue of the digital age, by offering no ecological 'facts' but instead a radically invigorated and liberating approach to understanding ourselves, our interconnectedness with each other and the biosphere that sustains us.

Whether we know it or not, he argues, we already have the capacity and the will to change the way we see the place of humans in the world, and our very understanding of the term 'ecology'.


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