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What Makes Us Human?

Public talks


Great Room, RSA House

  • Creativity
  • Mental health
  • Social brain
  • Arts and society
  • Rawthmells

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Why do we make the choices we do? Where do anxiety and creativity come from? Why are we the way we are?


Award-winning comedian and broadcaster Robin Ince visits the RSA to explore the importance of the exquisite, perplexing, terrifying and hilarious experiences that make us human. Uniting his love of comedy and science, he brings his inimitable perspective to the fundamental, life-defining issues that affect us all.

Informed by deeply personal insights as well as interviews with some of the world's top comedians, neuroscientists and psychologists, Ince calls on us embrace the full breadth of our inner experience - no matter how strange we worry it may be!


To celebrate the opening of the RSA’s new coffeehouse, Rawthmells, we’re bringing together a series of powerful conversations and sharing the best ideas on some of the challenges we face as a society in the next decade and beyond.

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