A New Politics of Hope - RSA

A New Politics of Hope

Public talks


Great Room Auditorium, RSA House

  • Economic democracy
  • Communities
  • Institutional reform
  • Rawthmells

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‘Politics as usual’ is no longer sufficient for our troubled times.

Renowned political philosopher Michael Sandel delivers an exclusive address on the future of democracy and our place within it. Decades of increasing inequality, globalisation, technological change, unfettered markets and technocratic politics have given rise to ever more polarisation and populist sentiment. How do we gain a better, wiser politics in the context of these 21st century challenges? Can the progressive parties reconcile the concerns of the disenfranchised and angry without succumbing to xenophobia and anti-outsider sentiment?  What are the new ideas and solutions that will help us?

To celebrate the opening of the RSA’s new coffeehouse, Rawthmells, we’re bringing together a series of powerful conversations and sharing the best ideas on some of the challenges we face as a society in the next decade and beyond.

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