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How can we update our vision of what leadership should be to take on today’s challenges?

We live in a world that would have been hard to foresee even a few decades ago, and we need leadership that can keep pace with the changes. Challenges brought by technological, economic, social, and geopolitical shifts have exposed a crisis of leadership, and trust in our decision-makers has hit a low. Old models of successful leadership – which prize hierarchy, machismo, and a ‘greed is good’ approach – have bred a culture of fear and short-termism which stifles innovation and stokes conflict.


What we need, argue Pippa Malmgren and Chris Lewis, is to broaden our vision of what leadership can and should be; to allow diverse perspectives to shape our ideas of success, and to embed integrity, courage, wisdom, and humility into our leadership ethos. Only then will we be ready to anticipate changes ahead and take on the unparalleled opportunities and threats we face in the 21st century.


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