How the News Can Change Our World

RSA Event


Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House

  • Mental health
  • Community engagement
  • Arts and society

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Every day the news cycle seems to bring more doom, disaster, and cause for despair.


Evidence shows that an overload of negative news stories affects our mental health and drives disengagement, with huge numbers of people deliberately avoiding the news. In a political climate defined by the rise of populism and “fake news”, we need to be able to trust our media to give us the full picture and empower us to act on the biggest issues of our time. But isn’t it true that outrage sells? Does staying up to date with what’s happening in the world have to cost us our sanity, or is there another way?

An expert panel gathers to discuss the impact of our current news environment on our politics and our mindsets, arguing for more balanced media coverage that examines solutions as well as problems. They share their insights into the ‘constructive journalism’ movement, and discuss how more solutions-focused news can shape the route towards more honest politics, better public dialogue, and a more hopeful world.


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