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How to Be a Parent

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The Great Room, RSA House

  • Behaviour change
  • Mental health
  • Arts and society

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50% of mental health problems are established by age 14, rising to 75% by age 24. Mental illness is the single leading cause of disability in the UK and costs the economy roughly £77 billion a year. But early interventions in the home can create better outcomes across the board and can even prevent the root causes of some of society’s greatest challenges. 

Renowned psychotherapist, author and broadcaster, Philippa Perry visits the RSA to give tips for any parent looking to navigate their past, avoid repeating their own parents' mistakes, and ensure they don't saddle their children with life-long issues. 

Through the combination of case studies, her own experiences as a parent, and therapeutic insight gained from a career spanning over 20 years, Perry tackles the wider issues of what it actually means to be a parent, rather than getting bogged down in the little details.  She is not interested in developmental milestones, training your child to have enviable manners, or how to get the much idealised 'perfect' family. Instead, she shows how to create functional, emotionally intelligent relationships with your children so that they grow up feeling secure, knowing who they are and what they want – creating positive outcomes for them, you, and the wider world.


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