How Stories Make Us Who We Are - RSA

How Stories Make Us Who We Are

Public talks


Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House

  • Behaviour change
  • Arts and society
  • Cognition
  • Science

Who would we be without stories?


Stories shape as well as reflect the world we live in, moulding our cultural identities, framing our politics and beliefs, and giving meaning to our experiences. Storytelling runs throughout our individual and collective lives, from our newspapers and our law courts to our religions, our song lyrics, and our teenage diaries. It’s out of these stories that our complex human culture has developed, and by delving into the science of storytelling, we can better navigate the world around us and our experiences in it.

To truly understand the power of storytelling, we must first make sense of the ultimate storyteller – the human mind. Drawing on insights from psychology, neuroscience, and the great stories throughout history, renowned writer Will Storr explores the power of storytelling to give meaning to our lives, connect us with others, and shape who we become.

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