How Change Happens

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Great Room, RSA House

  • Behaviour change
  • Social networks
  • Social justice

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How does social change happen? When do social movements take off? What does it take to question the status quo, challenge a norm and for long-standing practices to fall?

Cass Sunstein is one of the most influential scholars at work today, exploring fundamental questions of human freedom, agency and progress with insights from the fields of psychology, philosophy, economics and the law.

At the RSA, drawing from two new books On Freedom and How Change Happens, Sunstein explores the myriad ways that change can happen at both individual and social scale, ranging from gradual nudges, to growing movements to sudden cascades.

Join Sunstein at the RSA to discover how a deeper understanding of what can influence, fuel - and block - change, can help us design interventions, and mobilise more effectively to create the kind of change that will deliver freer, fairer lives for all. 

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