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How to Have a Happy Hustle

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Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House

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You have a brilliant idea for a side-project, but how do you make it happen without sacrificing your finances, family and sanity?


Many of us want to do and be more. We want to have ideas, create something new, go beyond the confines of our day-job and start something of our own.

But once you have that lightbulb moment, what does it actually take to get an idea into the world? How do you overcome lack of confidence, experience, time and money?

Bec Evans was working in publishing innovation when she turned her side-hustle Prolifiko into a successful start-up. In her new book, “How to Have a Happy Hustle” she shares practical tools, inspiring stories, science-backed research and guidance to get your idea off the starting blocks, and on the way to becoming a life-changing reality.


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