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A New Approach to a New World of Work

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The Great Room, RSA House

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We don't know what the world of work will look like in 2050 but we do know that we will need many brilliant problem-solvers who can tackle complex, important issues in new ways. Is a new approach to the way we learn and collaborate the answer? One that unlocks the power of human versatility, creating powerful connections and breakthrough progress?

The Polymath has typically been seen as a rare and extraordinary individual. But each one of us has multi-dimensional potential. For too long, early specialization has forced many of us to ‘pick a side’ – the arts or the sciences; academic or vocational. We narrow our pathways, leaving our complete selves underdeveloped – and risking a future workforce unprepared for the nature of the challenges ahead.

The London Interdisciplinary School is pioneering a polymathic approach to education; bringing together knowledge and frameworks from a range of disciplines to give individuals the tools for a fast-moving new world of work which will be subject to disruption by environmental, social, technological and economic shifts; and where careers will change in multiple ways over a professional life.

So does polymathy hold the key to a life more fully lived - and to the new collaborations that will be vital to meeting the challenges of the coming decades?


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