The RSA at Wilderness Festival

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Wilderness Festival, Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire

Please note: This programme is taking place at Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire.


Climate change is the defining issue of our era, and humanity’s future on earth hinges on how we respond. Will we bury our heads in the sand – or will we mobilise, make change, and hope for better?


Climate change is dominating headlines all over the world, and it can be overwhelming to try and navigate the complex and often frightening messages out there about the future of our planet. But in the fight to build a better future, hope beats fear every time – so it’s up to us to envisage the best version of how things could be, and take the steps we need to get there: starting today.

The RSA returns to Wilderness festival to host an exciting day of discussions exploring bold, optimistic visions of the future and the ideas and action that will get us there. What has to happen right now for the world to be a better place a decade or a generation down the line? What changes we can make in our own lives, and what must we demand of our leaders? Offering up their big ideas – ranging from tech-focused innovation to a Green New Deal to grassroots action – will be a fantastic line-up of activists, entrepreneurs, economists, commentators and environmentalists including Lily Cole, John Harris, Gina Martin, Solitaire Townsend, Tamsin Omond, Clive Lewis, and many more.


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